New Website

At long last, I've replaced that crappy old site.
If you have an Apple product; you can now see images, rather than the outdated Flash gallery that was un-viewable to you before. No longer is there a several second wait whilst said Flash gallery loads. The lesson? Don't try to build a site from scratch with limited knowledge - use wordpress.

I was hoping to get it more polished than it's current state, but it's the Blank Media Title Art Prize opening tomorrow evening, and decided that in it's unfinished form, it's still much better than it's predecessor. Again, here's the LINK for Title Art Prize, and click HERE or the image below to see the new 'un.

Doors and Windows

All has been quiet of late. I took time out to prepare for a job interview, which was unsuccessful, and have more recently been preparing for a competition entry, which was. I entered thinking I had little hope of being shortlisted, and am therefore honoured and delighted to take part. You can find more details by clicking the image below:

Something, Something, Photograph

To most this would appear to be a simple road sign, like one you might see every day. But look closer, and it signifies the choices we must make throughout our lives. From the everyday, seemingly innocuous decisions, to the career and relationship choices that will define our lives...
Nah, its just a sign. Looks nice though. Weird lighting.

The Highest Town in Yorkshire

I live just downhill from Queensbury, and it has become an increasingly mystical place to me. Often I wake up to find that it has disappeared, into a cloud of fog or rain. So, this will most likely be the first of several posts on the subject, and hopefully it won't tire too quickly, as I'm sure there is much more to discover.

A Trip to Whitby

The Sun came out, went to see how people were reacting to it in Whitby. Was generally as you would expect. Horrible colour in these images, and I dont know whether to blame the pound shop film, my sketchy scanner, or my iffy eyes; so I'll leave that as ambiguous (this is art after all).

A Hedge


I posted some time earlier the 35mm scans from my early explorations of my new surroundings, and here are some of the 120 I've been sitting on for a while. Up in the hills here, there can be some amazing weather conditions, so whilst I was excited about seeing these images initially, they now look a little boring. I will try harder next time, honest.
[Spoiler]: Some images of Fog coming soon.

Deja Vu: Taken seconds after another image previously posted on this blog, of the same subject matter at a slightly different viewpoint. But seeing as it a little nicer, being 120, why the hell not post it again?

One extra that I like too much to lump under 'Holiday Snaps'. I've been studying a map trying my hardest to figure out where this was actually taken, but to no avail. I'm sure it began with an 'R'...

The Hills

Almost two months ago, my lovely lady friend took me on a trip to the lakes for my birthday, and I've finally got round to posting the images here. Nothing special, glorified holiday snaps if I'm honest, but I've done it before, and have no problem doing it again.

Kind of Love

A New Favourite Place


So I got the films processed that I've been collecting up since I moved. Well, the 35mm at least. Here's the first lot.

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