So, it's been a while since we last spoke. So much so, that the second-last post was from my visit to Cornwall in summer 2013, and I've recently returned from visiting the area again, a year later. I had been stock-piling films upto my recent visit, and then shot a fair number whilst away, so tomorrow I am due to collect my 23 films from the lab, which will cause another massive delay to my perceived productiveness. These images have been hanging around on my hard drive for a fair while now, from the last time I took a hefty bunch to be processed, and I'm finally getting around to posting the images. Hopefully the next batch will be quicker. I have a new PC, one which doesn't struggle to run Photoshop, so that's one thing less to complain about, at least. A few months ago I moved to the wonderful town of Hebden Bridge, and these are the odds and ends from my time previous to that move. Some images date back a number of years, so this is a small history of my twenties to date, featuring North Lincolnshire, Manchester, Stockport, Bradford, Halifax, and their surrounding areas.

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