Greg Girard

Been spending a lot of time today looking through the work of Greg Girard. You should too.
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The day we stumbled across a Steam Rally

3 Wastelands and a Wall

Not too keen on these, but they've been stuck on my to do list for too long now and it was time to get rid.

Had a couple of busy days, first making use of the amazing lightbox at Wahlbar in Fallowfield (in association with Shebeen Festival). Excuse the quality of image, but hopefully that will encourage people to go see it in the flesh:

Then nipped over to Sheffield to drop some prints off for this:

The opening night is a week today at Hutton's Buildings, which is next to Lava Lounge on West Street.
There's loads of work to go see, music and booze - should be a good night. Boo Yah!

Barrow Haven, North Lincolnshire

The Irony

Only took me about ten minutes to fall to sleep after taking this


Or stuff I find at work that I like the look of.

Family Album: And the Rest

And after the previous introduction to my Uncle, here's my Grandad, because I feel you ought to get to know him too:


And a typical, boring Landscape one (because if you work for The National Trust or something like that, I would like to work for you)


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