Better Late

Had this one waiting in the wings for a couple of Months at least. I decided it would be very fitting and cheesy to post it on Valentines Day. It's a cheesy image, so maybe that would have been an overload. Anyway, I'll just dedicate it to Clare, whose Birthday is coming up. So romance of a sort, I guess.

On a side note, I bought a new computer. I've been needing one for ages and kept putting it off - until my laptop screen died. It's a cheap one that needs a bit of doing up, so until then I can't bear to try using Photoshop on it. However, I can see why my images always look so red, now that I view them on a new monitor. Lovely.

Up and Running

Following on from my little moan on Thursday, I've managed to get my website finished (well, still a loose term) and uploaded. There are still a few things to fix, but it'll do for now - I can get out and about again. It looks like this but you can go have a more in depth look by clicking the image:

If anyone is kind enough to let me know any bugs or issues they find, it would be greatly appreciated, and would do my best to return the favour at some point - email

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