Nothing Beautiful Unless Useful

I was washing up this morning, knowing I had a tedious day ahead of me. There are certain tasks I know I must do, and will be very happy with once they are done, but the actual act of spending a day off sat at computer doing them does not excite me. So it was a pleasant experience to put a mug I use regularly on the drying rack and notice this phrase, "Nihij Pulchrum Nisi Utile - Nothing Beautiful Unless Useful."

The main task I have head is to build a website. At first it seemed exciting, then frustrating, and now just a bit boring. However, seeing this phrase made me see the transformation I've made in the last 3 years - one which will hopefully continue for at least 3 more. When I was at University, I would come to logger heads with my Tutor (David Williams) regularly. I wanted to make beautiful images, he would stress the importance of a 'concept', and I would reiterate my conception that it was bullshit. Today I see how much I owe to him for repeating that word over and over. You can go take photographs of sunsets if you wish - but what are you telling me? I've seen sunsets myself, through experience and through many repetitive photographs. Is that useful? No. And therefore neither is it beautiful.

Now on with the tedium...

Budapest #2: People Edition

Budapest #1

As many others, my 'New Year Resolution' was to be more pro-active; this blog being part of that. So to start, here's some images from October that I've finished at last.

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