Wasteland #6

Meet the Heatons

To give me something to do in the evenings, I've taken to wandering around my local neighbourhood taking photographs.
They call it the Four Heatons; Heaton Moor, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Norris and Heaton Mersey. I've not lived here very
long, but I don't want to waste time in acquiring an array of funny looks and annoyed remarks from taking people's

So welcome, and join me while I Meet the Heatons... (Cue cheesy theme tune)

I best just mention, not all of these are taken within the Four Heatons, but there's no need to be picky.

Wasteland #5

Wasteland #4

No story here really, just an unused car park behind one of the local Tesco's

Wasteland #3

This one is once again followed by a screenshot from Google, but this time it's a little different. It looks how it does
now; empty and over-grown. The odd thing is the road names. I would be determined to find out the story of this
place, if I hadn't already grown sick of the photograph (yeah the colour's fucking terrible). Maybe I'll revisit to rekindle
my interest.

Wasteland #2

Not quite sure what to call this place, but it's next to the local recycling centre. Stumbled across it on a bike ride,
and once at home I had a look on Google Maps to find this:

The photograph is taken looking towards the centre of that map. There's a pattern emerging here....
Following on from the previous post, here's a screenshot from Google Maps, showing cars parked up. So, it went to pot fairly recently.


Wasteland #1

I recently moved to Heaton Moor, on the outskirts of Stockport, and within days found this amazing place. It's called the Peel Moat centre; was once a recreational centre, and part of Stockport college. I started wandering around simply because I found it interesting, but during my three visits I met the police responding to a disturbance call, then some vandals, and then a guy from a demolition company, and I got thinking. So often there are brilliant places like this, too expensive to keep going, too expensive to rejuvenate, and yet too expensive to leave simply leave empty. 

So here begins a new project, and hopefully this time I will stick to it, because Stockport seems chock full of wastelands.

To celebrate the upcoming European Championships, a double page spread from Magnum's 'Football' [Phaidon, 2002]

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